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From little league to high school sports and beyond, this website is your portal to obtaining your game-day sideline view of this year's action shots!  Providing photographic services from senior pics to events, corporate and family portraits, Kevin Myer Photography has got you covered.  This site is specifically geared toward accessing photos captured from North Dallas/Frisco area interscholastic competition with an emphasis on FISD-sponsored sporting events.  

How Does It Work?  You've found the website portal, now find your sporting gallery of interest below and browse the pics to discover your choice images.  All images available for print orders mailed directly to your door or low resolution digital downloads appropriate for sharing on social media.  Images made available within 24-48 hours following the event.  If you see me at the venue, then it's likely you will have a gallery to review from the event.  It's that easy!

For additional photographic needs, I invite you to check out my general photographic website at for further information on family portraits, senior sessions, corporate and event photography!

If you have an event you want included, contact me at 972.821.7513 for my availability!

Thanks for visiting!  Check back often as new sporting events are added throughout the 2018-2019 school year to the gallery selection below.

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            2020-2021 Frisco Sport Shots

Looking for pics from previous years?

The Senior Sessions

Looking for CREATIVE TEAM COMPOSITES to commemorate the season?

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